Field Trip to the Tide-Pools


By Kareem Tayyar

What I remember is the belief that beneath any rock there might
be magic,
A purple starfish, perhaps,
Or a small octopus,
Maybe even a little mermaid eager to play hide-and-seek.
We were there,
I would guess,
No more than an hour or two,
But upon returning I felt like Marco Polo,
With enough stories to last me the rest of my life.


Kareem Tayyar

About the Writer: Kareem Tayyar’s most recent collection of poetry, “Magic Carpet Poems”, will be released by Tebot Bach in December 2015. Previous collections include “Postmark Atlantis” (Level 4 Press), “Follow the Sun” (Aortic Books), and, “Scenes From A Good Life” (Tebot Bach). He is an Associate Professor of Literature at Golden West College, and he holds a Ph.D. in Literature from UC Riverside.

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